What is Yoga Anyway? Listen to this Podcast

Attention yoga practitioners: Listen to this Podcast! The origins of yoga are very different than most know.

This podcast episode blew my socks off. Driving in my car, my mouth fell open. Since my RYT-200 training 3 years ago, there have been very few things that have been mind-blowingly new to me about the practice. Although I am by no means an expert, even the smallest snippets of this podcast prove that, but I thought I had a pretty firm grip on the origins of yoga as we know it in the West.

Nope. I did not have any idea. I knew pieces, I still know just pieces, but the story is much more complex.

So really, now that I know I’m clueless, I need to do more research. What is yoga anyway?

Surprisingly Awesome – Episode #18 Yoga

A few notes to the savvy and interested yogis out there:
1. The first 20 minutes of this podcast will make you question why you do yoga
2. The first 20 minutes will also make you want to follow up with the academics and research what she meant by “Yoga is a combination of Swedish Gymnastics and military calisthenics” (here’s one suggestion).

3. The remaining 20 minutes will remind you why you practice/teach/follow yoga. It’s inspiring. Leslie Kaminoff seems to be a pretty great teacher.

Take a deep breath, enjoy the reminder of what it’s like to be a new yogi, and have a nice listen.

Shout out to Stitcher, my very favorite podcast app for this podcast and the ease of embedding in a website. This app is my #1 go-to for car rides, cooking at home, and any time I have available to listen to something great. Thanks also to Surprisingly Awesome, for this awesome episode!

Tell me what you thought in the comments below or message me directly! I’d love to know. If you’re curious about me or about what I do/write about, you can find that here.

Thanks for reading!


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