Introducing: An Educated Mess

An Educated Mess

So, by now, if you’ve been reading along, I’m unemployed. This new series, Educated Mess, is my journey through the Isle of Dogs to my home. What makes me happy? My life has been a steaming garbage pile of a mess the past few years, but I was so busy at work I just kept blazing through.

My family jokes and says I’m retired, but I’m really just on what I consider to be a sabbatical. A time to spend on my own and enjoy my time not working. It’s not a time to discover myself, find a job I love, or do anything productive really. I didn’t quit my job to start a company or fund a start-up. I’m investing in a year of myself – because, I was miserable.

Granted, I do understand my funds will eventually deplete and I do need to go back to work. Unfortunately, I am not happy living on a shoestring budget, I don’t want to eat beans and rice, and financial security is important to me. This year is likely the only one I can do without working, and honestly, considering the trips I’ve been booking (Morocco, Rwanda, Greece, London, etc.) I’m going to potentially run out sooner than 2024. So I know I’ll need to work again and a part of me is super interested in learning about all these little facets of my world I don’t understand. Can I do some of these jobs just to learn?

Educated Excess

Lately, I’ve been daydreaming about different jobs that I could have. Not jobs that would necessarily make me an abundance of money or allow me to climb the social ladder. These jobs are jobs that would let me pee into a nook or a cranny of society. What I mean by that, is that I could learn something new about something I never knew about! It sounded profound when I thought about it, and putting it into words, maybe a little less so. Either way, I’ve been thinking about different things. I could do just part-time or for a short while.

Educated Stress

The benefits of taking some time off are numerous.

At present time, I’m learning to slow down and relax, whilst still understanding income will be a “thing” here soon. with that in mind, it’s high time I make list of things I’m thinking about.

Oh, before I make that list, I have to admit, I was also contemplating about what kind of life I could lead that would let me do all of these different things, or learn all of these different things, and maybe scratch that itch. The answer, as always, comes back to a reporter. A writer. 

Now that the internet is what it is, I technically could be my own reporter and my own boss. Right?

It doesn’t mean I will make any money, but I could learn something from it. The blog could be reminiscent of Dirty Jobs, or other types of websites as it becomes popular.

I wonder if maybe I could do something like a random job blog, trying out new things… I don’t know. Do I actually want to do the job? Or am I most interested in understanding how things work? I don’t have that answer yet.

But, like my Mom used to say, I could get started on the moving escalator, put a foot on it, and see where it takes me.

Educated Mess is a series where I write about this journey. Sure, I have an education – yay me. At any rate, income is important, but the journey is what I want to write about.

Educated Guess

As much as I love shooting arrows into the dark, let’s go ahead and look at a few of my ideas: 

  • Looking for a train company, or as a conductor
  • Working on loading docks
  • Getting my CDL and driving a semi or a tractor
  • Farming and/or gardening
  • Coaching sports – softball or track & field
  • Teaching at a college-level
  • Lyricist
  • Podcast host or write podcast stories/articles
  • Acrylic artist
  • Logging
  • Bartending
  • Being a housesitter. Traveling to people’s homes in watching their pets & plants
  • Being a technician for a vet
  • Working for a hotel chain
  • Working for an airline or an airport
  • Become a TikTok star
  • Publish a book
  • TikTok make all recipes from my mom’s recipe box (even the Mayo Cake)
  • Go to all bookstores and film
  • Take a creative writing course
  • Working as a personal assistant
  • Being involved, somehow, in fashion or art
  • Creating art, specifically stone, metal, or woodworking
  • Being an Uber or Lyft driver
  • Garbage/Recycling collector
  • Traveling the world, or traveling United States, and writing about it
  • Start a Youtube channel
  • Clean houses
  • Open an Interlingua online and in person
  • Linguistics. Going back to school and studying a language.
  • Studying migratory patterns, like following the whales from Alaska to Hawaii
  • Going on cruises and writing about them? Working for a cruise line?
  • Etsy artist – Cricut? Journal supplies?


Brianna is a businessperson, writer, and teacher with a passion for social science and healthy living. All of my interests seem to intersect and come together on Indie. If you’d like to read more articles like this one, check out Indie. Thanks, as always, for reading!

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