6 Ways to Energize a Sluggish Day

Let’s face it, we don’t have 100% of our energy 100% of the time. There are days where task-completion is easy and the day whirls by before you know it’s gone. There are other days that feel like you’re jogging through molasses. An extra click needed there or even your ordinary email or two email here, can feel like a chore.

It happens to everyone, it’s human. You don’t have to let these days wreck your progress or slow a project. With a few thoughtful preparations, you can combat the holiday work slug and push through to the other side in one piece.

The difference between successful people and those less-than-successful-yet is a good employee, boss, or entrepreneur knows how to approach the sleepy, slow days with care and responsibility. There are 168 hours in a week and not all hours need to be filled with work.

Accept that your body and brain may move a bit slower than normal.

Embracing the pace of the next 8-10 hours allows you to appropriately approach your tasks.

Energize and/or Prioritize to Get Through

1. Prioritize your tasks for the day and week ahead. Take 10 minutes to check out what you need to get done. Delegate tasks you can and complete the ones with immediacy attached. The sense of accomplishment is energizing. Especially if your to-do list provides you with another way to gauge just how close you are to being done for the day!
2. Incentivize yourself with breaks. Set a timer on your phone for 15 minutes of phone calls or 30 minutes of email management. Give yourself 5-10 minutes in-between to get up and walk around, update your status, grab a coffee, whatever you need. The day ticks by much faster when you commit yourself to small bursts of energy followed by a little reward.
3. Practice self-care. Listen to where you are today, and react. Make it as easy as possible to work by setting yourself up for success. If you’re not at work yet, wear something that feels good and bring a nourishing, healthy lunch (and snacks).
4. Drink lots of water. Studies have proven that dehydration is a solid contributing factor to sluggishness. Plus, all that water will give you a good excuse to get up every hour!
5. Keep your ears happy. Sounds contribute to your work environment. Depending on your workspace, keep the volume fairly low but allow it to play in the background. Try to stay away from lyrics to keep your focus on work. Spotify is a great place to start, this Lush + Atmospheric playlist is playing on my laptop as I write today.
6. Step outside. If you can, work outside. A little bit of sunshine on your face can reinvigorate the senses. Most doctors recommend soaking up about 5-15 minutes of pure, unfiltered Vitamin D a day to stave off depression and boost levels of serotonin. Throw in a light walk around the block and you’re good to go.

A Daily Occurrance

If you’re struggling with finding energy on more than one day, you may benefit from reading this book: The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. This book was recommended to me by a former Director of mine when I was personally struggling to find the energy to complete to my day-to-day work duties. It helped immensely and I still apply many of the principles today.

Lastly, as a yoga teacher, I have to say this: If you don’t have a regular workout routine, consider starting one. The benefits of a regular routine, even 3o minutes a day or every-other day, include increased energy and clarity of mind/function.

If you liked what you read here, check out more articles like this on the Indie blog. I love your feedback, so if you have any tips to add or if you’ve tried these out, please share in the comments below or contact me here!

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