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South Africa

Ten Years Later: The Difference between “You” and “Ubuntu”

Ten years ago I went on the trip of my life. I was insistent this wasn’t going to be the case. Not only was I a young woman who had already seen the world, but no singular trip could change who I already was.

I have to say, it’s been only been recently I’ve come to admit the deep changes I’ve felt over the past ten years, brought specifically from the decision I made at 20 years old to travel to Cape Town, South Africa. My friends and family have reminded me for years that this trip was my great love. Continue Reading


Last Few Days in Spain: Headed Home

I may not have learned much more Spanish in Spain, but I certainly learned British!

Bits and Bobs is just one of the many expressions. Oh, and don’t say ‘pants’ in front of a group of Spanish students (or Brits) unless you actually intend to talk about underwear. That made for an interesting lesson …

Here are some more pictures. I’m sitting at the Madrid-Barajas airport and I’m forcing myself to stay out of Zara and buying everything my credit car limit will feasibly allow. I’m looking forward to heading home today to see freiends, family, and cat.

Our last night out in Sevilla was a little chilly but packed full of all of the things I’ve grown to love about Andalucia and our neighborhood. We started the night at the best restaurant in town for Flamenco in Miligritos, followed by time spent sitting on the patio having great conversation with a few of our friends who live in town. Continue Reading


One Week Left in Sevilla


Currently sitting at this really cool Indian/Spanish tapas bar right. With all the distractions buzzing around me on the street, motorcycles, people walking by chatting with one another, an the clattering of plates in the kitchen, I’m struggling to focus on much else besides the ambiance of this restaurant. Let alone focus one iota of effort towards planning my relatively complicated lesson for tomorrow.  Continue Reading


Clubs & Bars in the City of Sevilla


One of the fundamental differences between America and Spain, or at least Arizona and Sevilla, is the timetable and time in which things occur. There’s a general understanding when travelling that it’s appropriate to surrender your previous schedule in favor of your new one. It takes a little time to adjust to it, but when it happens there’s an interesting shift in your brain away from former habits and open to creating new ones. There’s a lightness in the space between and an excitement for the future nuances. Continue Reading

South Africa

Rainy Day Last Day in Obs

It is rainy and overcast today in Obs. As a woman from the desert, it’s a treat to feel the protective surrounding of low-hanging clouds. It rained all night last night and the noise is something I’d not anticipated. Our home is constructed out of metal and paper insulation and our community is surrounded by sand. As the wind blows through the neighborhood, it sweeps up and scatters granules on the sides of the homes, making a smattering sound around the home throughout the storm. The contents in the house sporadically displaced as the wind blows pushes in on the walls and sneaks in though more porous areas of the home. Continue Reading