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Second Guessing

Second guessing

Before I left for Cape Town in 2005, I did this thing, I started second-guessing my trip and got scared to leave.

This was my first big trip in several years, Italy was in 2000, and I wasn’t going with my sister this time. My anxiety had roots in little things like my creature comforts (my couch) and routine (cuddling with my cat before sleep, going to the gym, seeing my friends).

There’s a picture still vivid in my memory of this time; I am sitting on my sage green sofa in our living room. My parents bought it for my sister and me, as well as this little garden patio home, which they thankfully unloaded shortly after the recession. Watching my TV that sat in this massive 1990’s style TV console, and thinking I really like this place. I really love my home, I’m comfortable here.

Slowly, the spiral starts…

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Solo Travel Love List

This summer I made a solo travel ‘things I love’ list

Traveling alone is scary for some people. For me (and many others), it’s my favorite way to travel. Don’t get me wrong, sharing dinner or a beautiful view with someone else is wonderful, and I love traveling with other free spirits.

However, traveling alone is an experience, for an extrovert (and people pleaser), of meeting new people, and giving myself time to be quiet and relax in a way I don’t know yet how to do around others.

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Teaching English Abroad and At Home

Hopes and dreams

So you want to teach English abroad? Or maybe you just want to teach but stay close to home. Realistically, if you’re interested in becoming an English as a Foreign Langauge instructor in the age of Covid-19, you’re going to be teaching online. Of course, there are schools around the globe opening up, and so are the opportunities. You have options, you just need to know where to look.

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Dim Sum for One?

Next month I’ll be traveling to a city I’ve always wanted to see – San Francisco. By a fluke glitch that came out of nowhere, I currently have a paid-for hotel stay in the city for two nights.

The glitch? My boyfriend and I broke up.

Now, I either forfeit my non-refundable hotel or I make the best of it and travel alone. It’s cool. I can travel by myself, won’t be the first time – sadly, it probably won’t be the last either.

Wanderlust, as a single person, can really blow chunks. 

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San Miguel de Allende

Mexico City Arrival

Mexico City greeted us with warm air and the smell of a complex, burgeoning city. A smell familiar to all big cities the past 100 years, gasoline and asphalt. It’s a welcomed smell to many travelers, like a beacon signaling you’re surrounded by the energy and adventure of a major, metropolitan area. The smell is unlike the unmistakable smell of Gardenia at Burbank airport in California and Maui, which initiate relaxation and a slower pace. This damp heat here, combined with acrid air, kick starts my heart and sweetens my already heightened enthusiasm for this place. Continue Reading