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Millennial Podcast: Modern Day Group Therapy

I’m not in my 20’s, but I am indeed considered part of the Millennial generation.

I’m into my 30’s now and this podcast still speaks to me. There is, of course, a fine separation between being in your 30’s and being in your 20’s. However, from what I’ve observed, we share common workplace experiences. We’re looking to live our lives the way we want and hoping to make work fit into those expectations. For many of us, it’s trial and error. Continue Reading


What is Yoga Anyway? Listen to this Podcast

Attention yoga practitioners: Listen to this Podcast! The origins of yoga are very different than most know.

This podcast episode blew my socks off. Driving in my car, my mouth fell open. Since my RYT-200 training 3 years ago, there have been very few things that have been mind-blowingly new to me about the practice. Although I am by no means an expert, even the smallest snippets of this podcast prove that, but I thought I had a pretty firm grip on the origins of yoga as we know it in the West. Continue Reading