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Love the Job You Have

Previously, on this site, I’ve shared that I didn’t come to this place in my career easily. Nor did I come into it intentionally, not exactly.

If you were to ask me ten years ago where I’d be today I would say something about working for the State Department, doing peacebuilding work. Or I would have said a PhD-edified field researcher, helping people to recover from war. My plans were to run away from the trappings of financial stability and throw myself into the arms of danger to save the world.

I love that part of myself. That younger me had little responsibility and little understanding of what makes life complete (for me it’s having a home, a family, financial stability). So, with that said, it’s pretty obvious what I have to say next: I don’t work for the State Department. Also, I’m pretty sure I don’t and have never saved lives, much less all of humanity. No, I don’t do either of those things. Today, I sell houses.

Finding a Path

Here’s the deal, I get so much joy out of my work, I’m happy and fulfilled. Now, I’m a dreamer and a builder, I’ll never truly be satisfied with where I am in my life or career, but I can find happiness and enjoy the moment.

Loving my work is a credit to two things – good planning and good looking out.

In 2012, when I moved home at almost 30-years-old, I was jobless and without direction.

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Slow Down with the 3 Most Meditative Yoga Poses

“Slow down, Brianna.” My teacher said to me succinctly, albeit lovingly. She said this a few years back in an attempt to reign in my intensity. “You’re ‘go go go’ all the time, you need to balance your life out with something slower.” Admittedly, I needed to hear it. So, with that, restorative yoga breezed into my practice in 2012, when I was in yoga teacher training. Now, it’s my primary focus of teaching. Sure, I still teach vinyasa (and I still love it), but restorative brings me peace.

Each Monday night, I watch students walk into class, brows furrowed and shoulders tensed. They plop down their props, grab a seat, and stare at me as if thinking, “help me, relax, lady!”  At the end of the 60 minutes, they barely shuffle off their mats, pace slowed and breathing tempered. It’s an incredible transition in such a short time, with a small amount of effort.

Slow Down

The practitioner in restorative yoga or yin yoga is working their way to meditation. It is a slow transition. She focuses only on breathing and stillness to start. Eventually, he finds himself in a zone of sorts. Zero focus on the body.

I highly recommend adding a restorative class to your practice when you can. Try it once a week at first and go from there. You’ll find added flexibility and calm.

Check out this awesome info graphic from Positive Health Wellness and check out their site for even more fun recipes and healthy recommendations!


The 3 Most Meditative Yoga Poses

Slow Down with the 3 Most Meditative Yoga Poses


Grief and Your Job: How to go Back to Work and be Okay

Grief is the most common, uncommon thing we all go though.

My mother passed away 5 months ago. It was sudden and unexpected. As she was the matriarch of our family – we all lost some internal compass and composure when she died. Since then, we find ourselves all trying to figure out what just happened and what to do now.

When tragedy strikes in your personal life, work isn’t often the first place you want to be. Time with family or in a quiet, dark corner somewhere is generally the only place you want to go. Continue Reading


6 Tips to Be Less Awkward at Your Holiday Party This Year

Workplace anxiety sucks. 

A work party is not the time to freeze up, it’s time to network and get to know your coworkers.

Of course, it’s hard to network when you’re analyzing your every move and breathing into a paper bag to calm down.

Personally, this is by far my biggest professional bugaboo. When it happens, I feel nearly incapacitated. Words I don’t recognize come tumbling out of my mouth, my throat closes up, and I look around for my next exit or ally to lean on to make it through. If I could, I would avoid work holiday parties altogether.

For some, navigating a room full of people when they’re not 100% secure is a nightmare.

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Creativity in the Workplace – What to do When You’re Feeling Inspired

What do you do when creativity strikes?

As a creative person, it’s impossible to control when you feel inspiration. When inspiration arises, it’s really an incredible feeling. Like all of a sudden the lights turn on and you can see the whole picture of an idea. For some, this creative inspiration can sideline your day. Others, who know how to direct that energy, use creative energy to launch into the next level of their careerContinue Reading