Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries

Ugh. Just that phrase – Sunday scaries – is gross to read. That feeling on Sunday evening when the sun starts to go down and anxiety levels rise. Tomorrow is Monday.

For me, I work weekends, so Sunday is never truly the last day of my weekend. So over time, that Sunday sinking feeling of dread has simply gone away. Mostly, though, it’s gone away because I like my job. Do I want the weekend to continue for at least one more day? Yes. Do I hate that I have to go to work tomorrow? No, I don’t. Especially in this current climate (historic levels of unemployment and illness in my country), I am grateful for my job. In my family we have a saying – we don’t HAVE to go to work, we GET to go to work.

Here are a few quick tips to get you over that pit-in-the-stomach dread some of us know all too well.

Keep the Ick at Bay

    • Practice gratitude. Like my Grandfather lectured his son-in-law, and he lectured me, I’m not passing it on to you, dear readers. How you look at your job matters. You GET to go to work. I’ve had my fair share of jobs I didn’t like, so I’d like to think I’m well-qualified to speak on this matter. Even the worst of the worst jobs have some redeeming quality somewhere. At the very least, there is money coming to you in exchange for your time (one would assume). Make some room for gratitude – your body, mind, and those around you with thank you!
    • Enjoy little moments. For me, I love doing my makeup and picking out my clothes. On my days off, I run around in whatever is convenient and (mostly) clean. But for work, I like doing my hair, my makeup, and coordinating my outfit (even if I have to match it with a mask). Do you look forward to coffee? Create something special for yourself to enjoy only on workdays, see how that goes.
    • Soak up your free time. I read an article a while back that suggested the importance of seeing friends and loved ones on weekends. That if you’re not doing this, you’re not doing it right. I agree. Can you spend time with friends and family? Get your brain off of work the next day and stay in the present. Meditation has also been key to helping me stay in the “now” – read more about that here.

If the Ick Persists, It’s Time to Explore other Options

Listen to your gut. If you’re feeling this awful feeling every week, month after month, maybe it’s time to take stock. Is there something else you can do to support yourself financially? However, the resounding answer may be “no,” and you’re not alone. If that’s the case, first remember that your job cannot stop you from daydreaming. Additionally, you can still look around you for opportunities. You can talk to people you know about their jobs, google opportunities, keep the faith that there are opportunities out there and you will find yours when the time is right. Network, put out feelers, start towards the direction of the door and see where it leads.

Do you have some helpful tips to overcome the Sunday scaries? Do you have a Sunday routine that helps you rest and enjoy your Monday? Please share them below!

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