Brianna 2

Hi, I’m Brianna.

I’m a writer, a real estate salesperson, a yoga teacher, an English as a Foreign Language teacher, and an avid traveler. Did you get all of that? I have many passions and I’m fortunate to have the time and opportunity to explore them all.

Most of the time my work interests gracefully overlap and every once and awhile I find myself discussing grammar tips in my yoga classes or land value in an English class. I spend much of my free time at the helm of a computer, either writing for myself or contracted writing for organizations.

In 2012 I made a choice to follow my passions. Quitting my stable job and moving home from California to Arizona, I committed to myself to only take on work that gave me personal satisfaction or moved me in that direction. It’s been one heck of a journey and I’m grateful every day that I took that leap.

This site is the compilation of 10 years of writing, starting with my first academic trip when I traveled to Cape Town, South Africa. This trip is a cornerstone for me and I think perhaps will continue to be throughout my life. I learned here the value of writing each day of travel and the importance of truly being present. Only now, looking back on the posts, am I reminded of the intense nature of the journey. Four years later I traveled to Sevilla, Spain, to study at CLIC International. It was there I was certified to teach English (EFL).

My life now is dotted with fun nuances from each one of these trades. Stone by stone I’ve arrived at this place and it is only the beginning.

Passionate about writing, about people and their stories, I am thrilled to share these experiences with you. Thank you for taking the time to explore my collection here, old and new, and may you have the ability to share a few of your own!



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