Preparation the Cambridge CELTA Certificate Course


I’m nervous.

I’m sitting here reading The Practice of English Language Teaching by Jeremy Harmer. Correction: I’m trying to read this text and I can’t get through it. I’m flashing back to 6th grade English class with Mrs. McClean drawing lines on the board. When I was new to the school, I started half-way through 6th grade, I had no idea what a sentence map was nor did I understand the purpose. By the end of junior high, the mere sight of lines drawn on the board with a sentence written underneath made my palms sweaty and my heart race. I had learned what it was, I just wasn’t any good at it.

I don’t feel much differently today.

Curious because I chose to start down a path which makes that particular fear unavoidable.

I’m on page 49 of about 400 and I’m ready to call into question everything I thought I wanted out of life. My only hope it that this information gently seeps its way into my brain via permeation over the next few weeks. I’m sure once I get into the classroom it will be easier for me. Perhaps the problem is context. I’ve never been a classroom teacher, although I’ve been a trainer and a coach, and I don’t have anything to grab onto. Class will help. Let’s move on to brighter topics.

I did finally book my hotel for the first night in Sevilla.  It’s in a great location, near the city center and has great reviews online. Hotel Casona San Andres beckoned to me from the distance of online travel sites and I booked it today.

My agenda: I get in at about 10am and I have a full day of meandering and butchering the Spanish language to do. Then at night, I can sneak down to the restaurant/tapas bar right downstairs for dinner and some people-watching. There’s also a rooftop terrace that I hope to get some time with during my 24 hour stint at the Hotel, maybe I’ll even make some new friends!


Exterior view of Casona de San Andres


View from inside of the room, looking over the plaza


Bar Santa Marta in the plaza at the foot of the hotel

Today is all about getting ready for class. My bags are half-packed. Truly, the only things not packed are the things I will need for work the next two weeks.

Well, I do believe I am running out of excuses to keep me away from Mr. Jeremy Harmer and his clever anecdotes about American and British English. It’s worth it and I think I will love being a TEFL teacher – just have to do the work first! So here I go! Off to work!

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