Hungry in Sevilla


Quick bit from me today.

It’s busy today in the city. Lots of people out walking around enjoying the weather and bustling from every corner of the area from one appointment to the next.

I’m sitting at an internet café. At the very moment working to connect to a WiFi signal that seems neither strong nor actually present and waiting to get the attention of the waitress. Belly growling, regretting not studying more Spanish before boarding the almost month ago and praying a pick out a dish I want to eat.

This cafe lends a new perspective of working “in the weeds,” making all my restaurant-anxiety nightmares pale in comparison to the life this woman is living today. The is one bartender and one waitress working in here now, caring for a restaurant of at least 12-15 tables of people by my rough estimate. The interior of the restaurant is standing room only while the patio has likely been completely seated since earlier this afternoon.  Herein lies the dilemma. There’s food here. I came here for WiFi and possibly dinner. I can stay and wait for food or run out the door taking my chances with another place, hoping it’s not as busy. Either that or I could just sit here and drink sangria.

Sadly, as much as cultural norms vary from country to country, I’m pretty certain that no matter where you are, if you see a large group of with no food sitting in front of them – in a restaurant – that’s not good. It may just be the international sign for “bad service.” I think I should go.

Observations in one hour back by school, maybe I should just head back? Oh I make terrible decisions when hungry! Hungry plus language barrier = bad news bears and eating gray cheese. Wish me luck!

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