Yo Estoy Aqui, Compadres. Arrival in Sevilla


I’ve been daydreaming about writing all day. Phrases popping into my head and revelations begging to be transcribed. However, despite this nagging excitement and partial feeling of obligation to record my adventures, all I’ve managed to do is sleep! Jet lag is a real thing and somehow in my planning I’d seem to have forgotten all about it. 

I arrived today around 11am and waited in the plaza for my room to be ready. Once I walked into my room, I was asleep in no longer than 30 minutes. My intention was to sleep from 1:00pm until 3:00pm yet I pressed snooze until 7:30pm and I’m still tired! Since I’m feeling a little hazy, this could be a fun time to free write a few thoughts that have bubbled to the surface over the past few days. Perhaps if one thought is more interesting than the rest then we will all travel down that rabbit hole together in a later post.

I should have studied Spanish cuisine. My elementary Spanish level does not invlude much more than the understanding of what type of meat I’m ordering. This could prove to be very interesting over the course of the next 30 days.

In a similar vein, my Spanish is making people wince. I need to work on that.

Ex-patriots are either not commonplace this time of year or I have lipstick on my teeth. My hope was to be inconspicuous and be a quiet observer of my space. I don’t know why I had the notion that I could be any different than I am in my own life. I will remember this for my next trip.

I’ve spent entirely too much money already and it’s unfortunate for me the euro is so much stronger than the dollar right now.

Spaniards, well at least those in Sevilla, are night owls. The restaurant really picked up around 9:30.

I have a feeling the language barrier will be a consistent note throughout my time here. I have much to learn over the next month, here’s hoping a great amount of that is my language ability.

Off to bed again my sweet friends. Buenos Noches!

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