Your Girl is a Yogini: Here’s How You Know

Yoginis (female yoga practitioners) are a special breed of human.

We are all different and unique, but lately a few trends about female yoga teachers have come to pass.

Ask anyone who loves a yogini and they’ll tell you it’s all they talk about. They have so many things happening in their lives – other careers, children, spouses, ice-cream cravings – but it doesn’t matter – the main topic of conversation will almost always come back around to something yoga-related.

If there’s a yogini in your life, then most likely some of these things will ring true. If not, just wait, they will later!

  1. Sitting on the couch is never just sitting.
ig addict

Thanks, IG Addict –

There’s normally a leg reaching into the air, a twist taking up the majority of the couch, or a forward fold happening in front of the sofa. Yogis crave movement so asking one to sit still for a long period of time is akin to asking a three-year-old to be quiet.

  1. Stretchy pants.

Before practice, after practice, at the grocery store, the movie theater, at a bar … we can’t help it. They look so good and they feel even better. We can’t help that they’ve become a staple in this year’s fashion attire! Works out great for us!

  1. A mala is an accessory.
PicMonkey Collage

I like to pose mine for photos. Made all three of these myself, by the way!

Yes, it’s our main mode of transportation to the meditative, happy place, but it’s also pretty! We like it as a necklace or as a bracelet. It’s a reminder of who we are, a reminder to come back to the stillness we find on our mats, and it steeps us in the deep roots of our tradition and it totally matches our new top.


This was the first Mala making session with my yogini buddies. So pretty!

  1. She has a tongue scraper.

… and you’ve heard something about a vatta, a pitta, or a kapha …

All you know is she has to have warm food and drink water with lemon and no ice. (For a little quiz on your dosha – link: Look, most of us who practice yoga have had some exposure to Ayurveda. If they’re lucky they’ve had time to study the yogic practice of Ayurveda which is one of the 8 branches of yoga.

  1. She’s a bun-head.

Okay, not all of us – it can make headstands complicated – and some of us have shorter hair that can’t be “bunned.” But let’s face facts – if your girl wears stretchy pants, a mala, and rocks the bun, you can rest assured she’s a yogini.

  1. We know the difference between being a “yogi” and a “yogini.”

Girls are yoginis.

  1. More than one night on the town has been cut short by this phrase: “*YAWN* I should go home – I have class in the morning.”

YAWN! Thanks,

It’s true! You know it! We need our fix to keep our heads screwed on straight and a night out on the town can certainly wreck an early morning practice.

  1. She gets really excited regaling stories about her favorite poses, favorite teachers, favorite studios, super cool new mantra, etc.

It can be difficult finding that community you sync with. When you do it’s like finding your new church, your perfect neighborhood, your favorite new band. It’s a homecoming and when you find a studio you jive with and when you do, that’s a happy yogini.

  1. Vacations revolve around her yoga schedule.
bri upside down

This is me in Mexico city doing little hotel headstand. We had been travelling for a few days and our bodies hurt. We drove an hour each way to get to a class and I wasn’t done when we got back!

She HAS to get on the mat. Today. She either gets up early to practice on her own, or she is running through Yelp to find the best place to practice. This stems from #7 – and it’s a good one. You’ve got to get your fix, it doesn’t matter where you are.

  1. Her purse smells like lavender.

Or orange blossom, sage, tea tree oil …It’s like heaven.

Now boys, we don’t mean to leave you out. We all know you have your quirks too, what are some of your telltale signs?


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