Black Lives Matter

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Racial Justice is of paramount importance and it is something we can work for together. It is not an “ask” or “request” but it a need and it needs to happen now.

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If you’re like me, you may be grappling with how to witness, how to help, how to show support, and ensure that bigotry does not continue to thrive. This is a learning curve for me and I understand I won’t always get it right and it won’t always be comfortable.

My voice does not need to be heard in all spaces so I’m learning when my voice is needed and when to elevate others’ voices (or just be quiet). I can only work to become an ally. What is most important, however, is that all people are treated with dignity and fairness. That we all get to live in a country where our rights are protected and our lives are not threatened.

If you’d like to step forward, join the movement, please consider reading this article and taking action:

99 Things White People Can do for Racial Justice by Corinne Shutak *It is “99” things as of this publishing, the list is growing

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