Creativity in the Workplace

What do you do when creativity strikes?

As a creative person, it’s impossible to control when you feel inspiration. When inspiration arises, it’s really an incredible feeling. Like all of a sudden the lights turn on and you can see the whole picture of an idea. For some, this creative inspiration can sideline your day. Others, who know how to direct that energy, use creative energy to launch into the next level of their careercreativity

For me, I get the rumblings of an idea. The rest of the day is bunk and I’m distracted until I work on it. (Case in point, writing)

For many, it’s never 100% clear what to do with this creative ambition. In my line of work, if I’m working on a specific project, I know I can lean into that and infuse it with creativity. On the flip side, if I don’t have one specific project into which I can tunnel my energy, I can feel frustrated, even stifled. So for those days when you wake up, feeling inspired and in need of a creative outlet, perhaps this list will help you re-direct your energy.

Guide your energy to work for you.

Work on work. All jobs benefit from creativity.

All too often, work becomes like Groundhog Day. Day in and day out you wake up at the same time, drive the same roads, and complete the same tasks. A little creative energy at work can infuse your job, your team, your clients, with creative solutions that benefit everyone.

When I was working at a University, my team reached a point of self-sustainability. My job then became that of a coach. So on creative days, I sat down with some good music and created. From this came a system of workshops for each team member to teach on their own, and a new review system to better reflect and motivate my employees.

The creative juices flowing allowed me a few great ideas. Then, I put pen to paper and gave them legs to stand on. Over time, ideas from creative days became staples of my leadership style. My teams were happy and successful, which in turn put more money in their pockets and created happier students as a result.

Give yourself the space to think, write, create. Even 10 minutes will work.

Write it down. Take a break from your daily activities and write what strikes you. Morning Pages are killing me now, perhaps that’s where my creative energy comes from today … but here’s the thing: great ideas come from creative moments. Perhaps the next time you feel inspired, you take ten minutes to shut down your brain and write what comes to you. Don’t edit or judge, just get going.creativity

Make a to-do list. Sometimes when you’re feeling inspired, you’re simply not restrained by all of the “no” answers you give yourself. Do you want to learn another language? Do you have a business idea? Write them down. Then as you review them, determine whether or not they’re possible in your life as it is now. What needs to change to make them work? Can you trade off one less episode of Madam Secretary on a Wednesday night to learn Spanish for an hour?

Take this time to re-examine your priorities and sharpen your focus on where you are headed.

Stop procrastinating. That email you’ve been meaning to send, the thank you note you keep forgetting to write, the bill you need to pay, the credit check you need to do … get that done. You’ll feel accomplished.

Stay focused. Inspiration is a fleeting little thing. If you get distracted, there it goes! Stay on task for at least 10-15 minutes and let your creativity fly.

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