Last Few Days in Spain: Headed Home

I may not have learned much more Spanish in Spain, but I certainly learned British!

Bits and Bobs is just one of the many expressions. Oh, and don’t say ‘pants’ in front of a group of Spanish students (or Brits) unless you actually intend to talk about underwear. That made for an interesting lesson …

Here are some more pictures. I’m sitting at the Madrid-Barajas airport and I’m forcing myself to stay out of Zara and buying everything my credit car limit will feasibly allow. I’m looking forward to heading home today to see freiends, family, and cat.

Our last night out in Sevilla was a little chilly but packed full of all of the things I’ve grown to love about Andalucia and our neighborhood. We started the night at the best restaurant in town for Flamenco in Miligritos, followed by time spent sitting on the patio having great conversation with a few of our friends who live in town.

Next, we had a churro adventure. There was a little Churros y Chocolate truck on our walk home and it was open late. The best thing when it’s super late, a little chilly outside, and mostly silent, is to stop and grab a bite.


Churros in Spain aren’t the same as the Mexican churros I’m familiar with in Arizona. They’re fried dough, but instead of the buttery, cinnamon and sugar mixture twisted all over the dough, the Spaniards provide a cup of melted, dark chocolate on the side. It’s truly out of this world delicious.

Alright, it’s time. I’ve fended off the temptation for as long as humanly possible. I’m going into Zara and I’m buying … something. Something that cannot be purchased in the States that I can wear as a memory of my time spent in southern Spain learning how to speak British and how to teach English. Off to shop now! I made it through the hardest part – Iberian Air’s weight restrictions – I can totally handle one more cute Spanish item on Southwest … right?

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