One Week ’til Spain


I feel like it was a few weeks ago that I was sitting in my parents’ office trying to figure out a better way to live my life. I knew I wanted to travel, I knew I wanted to go to grad school and I wanted to keep my car. Those were my “non-negotiables,” a phrase in a state of overuse at University of Phoenix currently, however many of my full-time, corporate compatriots may also recognize the sentiment. 

Today when asked the now unavoidable,

“When do you leave for Spain?”

I was able to say;

“A week from today!”

It’s the oddest feeling saying goodbye to people I plan to see again in 30 days. I’m opening cards and accepting gifts like it’s my last week working for the company. I’m pretty sure it’s not, but I get the strong feeling most people are placing faith in my wanderlust and assuming I will not come back.

Funny thing about Europe, apparently an overwhelming majority of Americans are convinced when you visit you’re in for one of two things – 1) A life-altering, mind-blowing experience resulting in complete and utter fulfillment or 2) A life sentence as a European – never to be seen again except for random Facebook postings of a picture or two in front of an internationally known artifice every other month. Try as you might to dissuade this limited approach, your attempts fall flat. People will believe what they want to and even if you’re the one hopping on the jet plane, they know you better than you do. Such a strange phenomenon.

On a different tangent – I’ve finished my homework! Granted I haven’t finished my English grammar book – fell asleep in the car during lunch the other day trying to read – but I have a long flight ahead of me. I never was great at sleeping on planes. At least if I don’t get through the book, I’ll have a sleep aid with zero side effects! And in case all else fails – I also have a pretty new laptop to play with … I went and picked it up today and I think i’m in love. i’m pretty sure my laptop loves me back – he won’t ever leave me (voluntarily) and he’s plenty entertaining 🙂

One week from today.

One week from today I will be hanging with Charles in Chicago. Hopefully sipping some wine at the cute little wine bar downtown – what is it called? Cork? Something like that.

Oh I’m so excited to sleep! Finally the sweet respite of passing out and sleeping like a rock! The past month my brain has been a jarbled mix of confusion. Apparently the moment I lay my head down on my pillow and close my eyes. it just so happens to be the magical moment my brain kicks in and would like to sort through everything. Oh and I’m super stoked to dream in Spanish! I used to do it in high school, maybe it will come back to me.

Spain will be a GREAT place to clear my head of everyday distractions that I can’t seems to wrap my mind around. To be able to step out for just a minute and peer into my life from will likely give me a much clearer perspective of some of the things I want – or think I want – out of life. At least that’s what I’m hoping for; clarity is always good for those of us of the frazzled-brain persuasion.

Okay I’m off to sleep, I sincerely hope I will sleep anyway.


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