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2016 Social Media Business Trends to Watch

What’s Changing in 2016  

Social Media outlets are bringing more savvy marketing platforms to the table.

The major players from 2015 are still dominant, but the big guns from prior years are getting a major boost from cutting edge marketing options. These include a significant increase in in-app functionality. Keep your eyes on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Periscope for your upcoming marketing strategies.

Expect social media to take up more of your advertising budget, but know that 2016 brings more efficient advertising schemes for every size business. Read on for more details. Continue Reading


Are We Digitally Lonely?

Are we lonely?

A friend and work colleague of mine sent me this video and once I finally watched it, I watched it twice. The debate that as people are becoming more interconnected, they’re also isolating from one another is not new. Heck, anyone who’s tried dating in the past few years knows the struggle. However, this is the first sociological argument I’ve seen.

If you were to ask the average person on the street if he was lonely, what do you think he’d say? Yes? No? Of course, there’s a certain social expectation to say and act as if everything is fine. So perhaps this isn’t the best example. What about you? In the past week or in the past month even, can you say you haven’t had a moment where you felt lonely? Continue Reading