South Africa

South African Winter: Ironing out the Specifics


Hey All, so there are four new things:

1. I’ve raised 1,000 dollars in thanks to generous support

I have received generous support from Eddie Basha, of Bashas’ food stores in AZ, the Barrett Honors College at ASU, and a handful of loving friends and family members. This amount at this point covers a third of my expenses, which is phenomenally helpful! Thank you to all of you who have placed faith in me and who support my socio-academic curiosity.

2. Dates of my arrival and departure are confirmed.

7am May 30, 2005: Departure from Phoenix to Chicago to Frankfurt to Cape Town
2pm July 25, 2005: Arrival in Phoenix from Chicago from Frankfurt from Cape Town

3. I have heard official word of internet in South Africa.

This blog thing is going to happen. I am told we will have access to computers on the weekends, and possibly during the week, depending on our internship placement. Count on updates once a week, most likely on Saturday, which I believe is Friday night in the States. I am still working on securing a digital camera so I can send pictures.

4. South Africa is below the equator.

This should not be a revelation, I know. I will be there during the winter for RSA. Thus avoiding AZ summer and enjoying my fluffy coat all summer/winter long.


If you would like to contact me while I am there I should have access to AIM once a week or so, as well as email. If you don’t have an AIM account (ehem, Mom …) you can go to

My AIM screenname is republicadebanan (don’t ask, long story …)
My email addresses are or

Also, if it is an emergency, you can contact my parents or grandparents, they have emergency numbers.

Beyond nervous and excited at this point. I can’t wait.

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