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As a writer and higher education professional, my writings and work insight needed a home,so here it is 🙂 The past few years have been especially enlightening and full of growth. I don’t pretend to be an expert on working life or how to carve out your dream career, but I have had more experiences than lots of people toward the ends of their careers.

Indie provides a forum for conversation among those of us who work as independent contractors in one aspect or another. Many of us are business owners, part-time anythings, or full time contractors. We have unique successes and challenges of which, from my research, there’s very little dialogue.

My path is ever-evolving, my passion is writing. Currently I manage three primary interest areas; I sell residential real estate for a new home builder, I teach yoga as often as I can, and I teach English class is in session. Oh, also, I am a copywriter for an SEO company. We can all thank them for my beautiful new website.

The way I see it, my job is to balance all of my loves and while making a good living, also pursue a career that lets me have a life. I travel, I work, I have everything in my life I need. Personally, I refuse to go back to the life that looks like this:

Get up, make breakfast, sit in traffic to job, do job, go home, go to the gym, have dinner, go to bed. Wash, rinse, repeat. It’s not me and that doesn’t make me happy. For me, room to be creative and have variety keeps me motivated. I’m happiest when I can tap into different parts of myself and change my routine when possible. A few years back I stepped off the moving escalator. It was scary, but it was the right change. I upended my life that didn’t amplify who I am and over the past three years I’ve been slowly picking up building blocks to compile a life that I love.

So, Indie.

This the goal of Indie; make your life what you want it to be. Make money while you’re doing it, all the while finding inspiration and being passionate about the things that pay your bills.

So what is it you’re trying to do or be? It’s true that we all have different things that motivate us to make the decisions we make in life. We all have different goals, each choice we make leading us either towards or away from our goal. The thing is, if you’re not in an office, it gets darned isolating. Why not share with others in success and challenges?

I don’t live to work and I don’t work to live, it’s all about balance. I work, I live, I find joy wherever I can and I’m grateful for work and not-work.

I’ve learned what I know from trial and error. Mentors pop up here and there, great books inspire me, just pay attention and everything can be a lesson. I just may be able to save you a few stumbles along your path by showing you my own. I’ve worked hard to be where I am now, but it hasn’t always been rosy. I’ll share with you my experiences, good and bad, with my purpose-driven work life. I’m living the sweet life, grateful for everything I have – I know it’s partially luck, but it’s also been a lot of good timing and dedication to pursuing what makes me a better me.

Come hang out, share with a friend, and let’s see what great ideas we come up with together.

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