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What are You Doing with Your Life?


Driving into work today, I was listening to a brilliant podcast, Song Exploder. So here I am, breezing down the freeway, looking at the cool, low-hung clouds in a truly unusual foggy Arizona sky, and completely engrossed in Episode 92.

The podcast’s founder, Hrishikesh Hirway, gives the stage to the artist at hand, and bit by bit, the artists discuss each element of a song. The brilliance of this method is that the listener hears first-hand the intention of the song’s creators. For the music lover who is not a composer, you learn a bit about composition as well. Continue Reading

San Miguel de Allende

Mexico City Arrival

Mexico City greeted us with warm air and the smell of a complex, burgeoning city. A smell familiar to all big cities the past 100 years, gasoline and asphalt. It’s a welcomed smell to many travelers, like a beacon signaling you’re surrounded by the energy and adventure of a major, metropolitan area. The smell is unlike the unmistakable smell of Gardenia at Burbank airport in California and Maui, which initiate relaxation and a slower pace. This damp heat here, combined with acrid air, kick starts my heart and sweetens my already heightened enthusiasm for this place. Continue Reading

South Africa

Ten Years Later: The Difference between “You” and “Ubuntu”

Ten years ago I went on the trip of my life. I was insistent this wasn’t going to be the case. Not only was I a young woman who had already seen the world, but no singular trip could change who I already was.

I have to say, it’s been only been recently I’ve come to admit the deep changes I’ve felt over the past ten years, brought specifically from the decision I made at 20 years old to travel to Cape Town, South Africa. My friends and family have reminded me for years that this trip was my great love. Continue Reading