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Women for Women?

For years, the discussion around women’s rights has been centered on driving as many women into the workforce and leadership as possible. The thinking was that with more women in power, we would see more women in a better place to succeed in the workplace. Seems logical, doesn’t it?

Except that apparently it’s not.

Recent research shows that women in power may not only be continuing in the vein of male-dominated work policies, but actually encouraging anti-female agendas. Continue Reading


Be a Better Leader: How to be a Great, Charismatic Boss

Charismatic leaders are strong, fascinating, hard-working front-runners, but these coaches are not without their pitfalls. Some lack in planning, consistency, and professionalism. They have the potential to be spirited agents of change and steer entire organizations towards success, or they can be loud, egocentric pioneers growing their careers but costing companies millions.

Continue Reading