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South Africa

Observatory Day Trip


I walked into the office yesterday and made myself busy. A lot of conversation has been had in regards to potential projects on which I could work.  However, it’s only been a little over a week and I’m not quite sure any of us are totally clear on what to do with the intern. Continue Reading

South Africa

Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust – Internship


Week two. I still love this place. I’m starting to wonder if there will come a time that I don’t love this place.

This past week, I began an internship with a well-respected organization called Rape Crisis. Not many people in our group have the opportunity to stay in the township for work. Many of them are working in the city centre or in Observatory (Obs). As an outsider, I’ve been working to understand how the organization works and learn just how I can be a resource or help. There’s a teeter-totter feeling right now as I vacillate between what I think is appropriate and/or useful.

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