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Are We Digitally Lonely?

Are we lonely?

A friend and work colleague of mine sent me this video and once I finally watched it, I watched it twice. The debate that as people are becoming more interconnected, they’re also isolating from one another is not new. Heck, anyone who’s tried dating in the past few years knows the struggle. However, this is the first sociological argument I’ve seen.

If you were to ask the average person on the street if he was lonely, what do you think he’d say? Yes? No? Of course, there’s a certain social expectation to say and act as if everything is fine. So perhaps this isn’t the best example. What about you? In the past week or in the past month even, can you say you haven’t had a moment where you felt lonely? Continue Reading


Your Girl is a Yogini: Here’s How You Know

Yoginis (female yoga practitioners) are a special breed of human.

We are all different and unique, but lately a few trends about female yoga teachers have come to pass.

Ask anyone who loves a yogini and they’ll tell you it’s all they talk about. They have so many things happening in their lives – other careers, children, spouses, ice-cream cravings – but it doesn’t matter – the main topic of conversation will almost always come back around to something yoga-related.

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