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South Africa

Observatory Day Trip


I walked into the office yesterday and made myself busy. A lot of conversation has been had in regards to potential projects on which I could work.  However, it’s only been a little over a week and I’m not quite sure any of us are totally clear on what to do with the intern. Continue Reading

South Africa

Khayelitsha, Home Sweet Home

In Khayelitsha, the community accepts outsiders as family. This isn’t a process that’s earned or takes time, it happens immediately. Older people are addressed as “Mama” or “Dada,” younger people are “sisi” (sissy) or “brother.” Host families are just that – your family. That feeling I had arriving in Khayelitsha the first day, it was indeed foreshadowing.  Continue Reading

South Africa

Arrival in Khayelitsha

Molweni! Unjani? (Hello! How are you?)

I’ve officially been living in Khayelitsha, a township (or province) of Cape Town, for the past week.We packed up the kombis (comb-ease) and set off to the second part of our journey last Tuesday. Driving out of the city and into the township our leader, Scott, began to tell us more about the community in which we were about to live.

Continue Reading

South Africa

Cape Town to Khayelitsha


Tomorrow we move out of our posh, cozy guest house at Hillcrest Manor and prepare to move into Khayelitsha. Nervousness and excitement are blending together for me today. Change can be so scary when you’re uncertain of what comes on the other side. I did know this experience came with many changes and phases of adjustment and we are currently preparing for the largest change since we arrived on South African soil. Continue Reading

South Africa

Gorgeous Cape Town, South Africa


I’ve been anticipating this trip for months now.

Every time a friend or family member asks where I’m going to be this summer, I tell them where and then they respond with  … “Cool. Wait, where?” It’s not like people don’t know where Cape Town, South Africa is, they know, I think that it must just be an unusual destination for somewhere where I live right now.

I’ve been looking in books and on the web – I can’t get enough of how gorgeous this place is. Check it out.

This is near where I will be staying. Incredible.