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Brianna Wilkins

As a copywriter, a lot of the work I’ve done for clients remains anonymous. One month I may be assigned to write internet humor for a monetized ad site and the next I’m switching gears and writing academic, educational copy for a software company. It’s a funky way to learn a lot about topics which I’d likely otherwise never get a chance to experience.

Currently, I’m loving the freedom of self-publishing online. Over the past two years, my writing primarily focuses on business writing and research for my own site. Of course, my interests reach far and wide, so you can anticipate a few fun tangents here and there. Should I pitch other websites, I will be sharing them here as they go live!

Published Works Around the Internet

Elephant Journal


If you’re interested in hiring me as a copywriter, or if you have questions about how it works, please send me a message through my Contact Page.